DEI Keynote Speaker – Kemy Joseph MS, EdS

Make your next Virtual stage Event about diversity, equity, and inclusion a transformational experience that allows your audience to connect, reflect, and progress together... even on Zoom!

“Kemy is a highly engaging speaker who leads with empathy and understanding. He makes these topics feel accessible and safe. 
He is also a genius with Zoom!

- Lindsey Kampmeier : Audience Member

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Hire Kemy Joseph to Inspire Your Audience and Create a Transformational
Virtual DEI Speaking Experience

Watch Kemy Joseph on 
Virtual Stages

Kemy Joseph – Transcend Prejudice™ Interview – KATU Afternoon Live, 2020
Kemy Joseph – Make Your Impact – RiseUp World, 2020

Speaking Topics Include:

  • 5 Ways to Build Crisis-Proof Trust In Your Business
  • ​​Privilege Without Guilt: Use Your Power and Position as a Leader to serve others
  • ​Racial and Political Inclusion: How to Get Your Employees to Rehumanize Each Other When Global Tensions Enter the Workplace 
  • ​Micro-Progressions: Making DEI Actionable, Consistent, and Scalable without Overwhelming Your Employees
  • How to Tell if Your Company Culture is Happening by Default or by Design and What to Do About it
We always custom-tailor our speaking topics to meet the needs of your company/audience.

What Meeting Planners and Audience Members Are Saying:

“Kemy is amazing at bringing people in, making them feel seen in the room, and keeping people engaged all the way though.”

– Lisa Sulenes : Head of Operations at AtlasQ
“Kemy is a positive and engaging speaker that does a great job at being fun and inclusive when discussing a very difficult subject matter.”

- Tristan : Audience Member 
“Kemy creates a safe space for you to share, a safe space for you to ask questions that you probably normally wouldn’t ask, and a safe space to move forward inside of this conversation.”

– Lamarr Womble : Motivational Speaker
Kemy has shifted my view on what it means to be an inclusive and equitable organization. We have to stop treating diversity like an afterthought.”

- Nanea Reeves : CEO, Co-Founder at TRIPP, Inc. 
“This is one of the best workshops I’ve taken, and I’ve taken thousands of them! These core conversations are extremely important to have.“ 

– Tara M. : Workshop Participant

More Praise from Meeting Planners

"I was struggling with how to be engaged in the conversation around implicit bias, prejudice, and privilege in a way that would support positive movement forward for people in our organization.

The F.E.A.R.S. Advantage team walks you through it openly, respectfully, and with gentleness so the conversation becomes accessible and relevant for your organization."
Julie Christenson
Meeting Planner, White Bird Clinic
"After the event, I had folks in my community want to speak to me intimately about what they learned in the session and what came up afterwards. People in my team spoke up about things we had never talked about. This event meant deeper human connection for us, our clients, and all of our community members.

This is not just a one-time, exciting, feel-good event. This is an exploration you’ll want to continue."
Noel  Pacarro Brown
Meeting Planner, Morgan Stanley
"This conversation that Kemy facilitated really did get people in our community to think about a topic – prejudice – that they’ve thought about before, in a different way. 

He made it feel actionable within the work we’re doing as investors, and that was extremely powerful for opening up future conversations in our network and getting people excited about having more conversations in the future."
Lisa Sulenes
Meeting Planner, Head of Operations at AtlasQ

DEI is like learning a new language.
It’s a soft skill investment that has a hard impact on your business.
What you do in your company today will determine its growth for years to come.”

– Kemy Joseph

Watch Kemy on In-Person Stages

Kemy Joseph – Motivational Talk – Unity Performance Clip, 2019
Kemy Joseph – Limitations Are Invitations – KATU Afternoon Live, 2019

Hire Kemy Joseph to Inspire Your Audience and Create a Transformational
Virtual DEI Speaking Experience

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