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Let’s be real... 

You’re being asked to sustain your existing business, pivot online, find ways to keep all of your essential employees, and navigate difficult conversations around racial tension ON TOP OF producing a profit in this declining market.

Being a business leader right now is one of the most stressful positions on the planet.

Most people don’t understand the pressure you’re under...

It’s lonely at the top these days when you’re feeling just as stuck as the people looking to you for guidance. 

It's even harder to lead when there’s a target on your back — your privilege, power, and position has you walking on eggshells.

When you hear terms like racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination and harassment you feel overwhelmed, confused, and afraid of making these sensitive problems worse...

The fear gets so intense, it blocks you from being an effective leader.

You Are Stuck.

You want to make a difference, but you don’t know how. 
What if you say the wrong thing on social media and it blows up in your face?
What if your words and actions further divide your team when you just want to bring them together? 
What if you make one of your employees so uncomfortable they threaten to sue?

The numbers don't lie...

The cost to your company for employee lawsuits is expensive.

At the federal level, the court can award up to:
$50,000 to an employee if the employer has between 15 and 100 employees;
$100,000 if the employer has 101 to 200 employees;
$200,000 if the employer has 201 to 500 employees; and
$300,000 if the employer has more than 500 employees.

In addition, 10 percent of wrongful termination and discrimination cases results in a $1 million dollar settlement. The majority of cases – about 67 percent – are ruled in the plaintiff’s favor when taken to litigation. 

So is it just better to stay silent and ignore the issue?

That’s what some harassment or sensitivity trainings will lead you to believe. However, harassment is alarmingly common and is most likely already happening in your company

What’s worse: Your silence may be enabling it. 

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) outlines the top 5 Most Common Forms of Harassment as Gender/Sex 50%, Race/Ethnicity 17%, Religion 15%, Sexual Orientation 13%, and Age 13%.

Regardless of the type of discrimination or target of harassment, the number one reason it continues at such a high rate is lack of safety

In other words, employees don’t feel safe enough in the workplace to be honest because they don’t trust the people around them, including their employers.

How do you think someone who spends five out of every seven days of their adult lives immersed in an unsafe environment is going to feel long-term?

How productive do you think they can really be when they’re constantly feeling this way?

According to the 2018 Hiscox Harrassment Study, over half (53%) of those who experienced harassment didn’t report it because they feared a hostile work environment. Nearly as many (46%) cited a fear of retaliation (such as being terminated from their job) as a top reason for keeping quiet.

So let me ask you a question:

Do your employees feel safe at your company?

 ☞ Do you?

If you’re willing to ask these hard questions, you’re in the right place to make a difference. 

Especially NOW!
In addition issues of harassment, which are already difficult to handle in person, finding safe spaces online to have these challenging conversations is harder than ever while we’re disconnected and traumatized by recent events.
Your employees are suffering from Zoom fatigue, and most diversity talks are just people arguing in circles without actually bringing people together. 
Those meetings and town halls are painful and unhelpful.

Nowadays, talking about sensitive subjects like sexism, racism, ageism or any other ‘ism’ leaves business leaders like you who want to make a positive change feel powerless to do anything.

Checkbox trainings don’t help either, especially when people can just fast forward through them. 

  • New rules in employee handbooks get signed but not followed because there's no buy-in. 
  • Company wide emails are not enough.
  • ​Threats to fire people are not enough. 
  • Scrambling to hire diverse candidates without shifting your culture is not enough.  
With all the pressure surrounding the issues, you may not feel good enough.
    • And, you are not alone.

    Regardless of who you are or how capable you are, the hard truth is: 

    We’ve never seen conversations around these ‘isms’ go well — online or offline. 

    Many of the other cultural competence workshops only focus on these ‘isms’ and end up doing more harm than good

    Focusing on the ‘isms’ keeps us trapped in a never ending cycle of cultural conflict and personal power struggles.

    Here's how it usually happens:

    There’s a workplace violation. You mandate a company wide anti-discrimation or harassment training. It doesn’t go well because people are forced to do it and you can’t mandate maturity (or personal growth) so tensions get higher. After these ‘sensitivity’ trainings, minority team members become the targets of more subtle harassment and don't feel safe enough to speak up or supported enough to fight back, so they immediately leave or stay and drastically underperform while they look for a new job.


    Those at fault feel angry for getting in trouble so instead of addressing their prejudice, they focus on not getting caught and increasing their threats to make sure no one says a word. 


    Those who are innocent feel blamed and attacked for the discrimination so they become part of the 45% of employees who witness workplace harassment of a co-worker but don’t do anything because they are not directly affected by the harassment and therefore don’t feel the need to be directly involved in creating the solutions – especially when getting involved will make them targets as well.

    So the cycle continues...

    Nobody wins in this scenario, but the person who loses most is YOU as the business leader.

    The focus on ‘isms’ is one of the main reasons people feel unsafe at work. 

    You’ve seen this cycle repeat itself over and over again, and if we’re all being honest... 

    We’re all contributing to it right now.

    Every ‘ism’ is a symptom of the prejudice we all have.  And it’s not your fault.

    It’s not your fault that your prejudice is getting in the way of your desire to truly help. 

    Whether you’re aware of it, the way we’ve all been taught to work through our biases is what's keeping you feeling lost, stuck, and unable to fulfill your potential to serve.

    Truth be told: When you do work up the courage to meet your prejudice head-on without expert guidance, it can be uncomfortable, exhausting, and debilitating because our minds are so used to zeroing-in on the ‘isms’.

    Your employees are going through the same inner struggles.

    So what can you do?

    The harsh reality is: things will NEVER improve until you stop looking for strategies to soothe the symptoms and start addressing the root issue. In order to create personal breakthroughs and take your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives to the next level, you and your employees have to work together to Transcend Prejudice™.

    Doing so lays the foundation for a culturally expansive business that can succeed regardless of market conditions or social adversities in the world.

    If you want to create a long-term solution that really works for your entire company and effectively keeps your employees focused on personal, business and revenue growth — or even if you just want to keep your confidence and sanity throughout the entire process — then THIS is the most important conversation you will have ALL YEAR!

    Diversity is a must – and it must be done right.

    According to one Glassdoor article, after years of talking about diversity, more than 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity.

    That means 50% of your employees don’t feel they have the work environment or teams they need to create the success you want in your company.

    If you keep doing business as usual, you will remain stuck... as usual.

    Creating a Cultural Expansion Plan will help you bring cultural competence to life in a systematic process where all of your employees feel empowered to become valued contributors who shape the present and future of your business. 
    Unfortunately, without an intentional plan, a lot of companies are going about Cultural Expansion the wrong way.
    ...and ending up with a company culture by default instead of a company culture by design.
    For them, diversity has been an afterthought, which means they only talk about it when it's a problem. 
    Therefore, without realizing it, they’re making diversity itself a problem. 
    To make matters worse, they try to cram diverse people into their existing business practices which are not built for inclusivity so they keep experiencing friction, frustration, and failure in their teams.

    This is the difference between Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

    D&I is a reactive approach that will keep you in the cultural conflict cycle, struggling to make any progress in the conversation. 

    DEI, on the other hand, is a holistic approach that shifts your company from the inside-out to ensure your employees can willingly be part of the solution by using their privilege to safeguard and uplift ALL of your team members.  

    Some business owners are fine with how things are going. 

    They subscribe to the “checkbox culture” — Their D&I is transactional. As long as they “just get through it”, they can check the box. 
    That’s not who you are, though. 
    Not only do you think outside of the box, by completing our Cultural Expansion Assessment, you ‘check’ outside of the box to make sure ALL of your team members feel safe and included in your company’s vision. 
    Your DEI approach is far from transactional… It’s TRANSFORMATIONAL!
    This can mean the difference between you keeping your most talented employees and losing them. 

    It’s the difference between you succeeding or failing as a business leader. 

    It’s the difference between you creating a safe work environment or dealing with lawsuits!

    In terms of your company's growth, this is how the best businesses are increasing their bottom line with integrity and humanity.

    According to the Harvard Business Review, companies with higher-than-average diversity had 19% higher innovation revenues.

    Imagine what a 19% revenue increase would do for your business.

    Culture Expansion is a long game. When done the right way, you get to become one of the few progressive, innovative and celebrated leaders in your industry without having to sacrifice your revenue to pull it off. 

    Furthermore, you don’t have to be far along in the process to be successful.
    You can start right where you are, and your investment in the process will more than pay for itself with a safer, more positive and productive workforce that is happy to collaborate and share ideas up the ladder, which means you’ll see greater success across your entire organization.

    Teaching diversity is like teaching a new language.

    By now, you’ve learned it’s not enough to make everyone on your staff do a single workshop or online program to make a lasting difference in your company.

    You have to meet everyone where they are and provide basic, intermediate, and advanced opportunities to support them so they can grow progressively on a continuum towards proficiency.

    A complete and effective Cultural Expansion Plan includes: 
    • Individual and company-wide assessment of your recruitment, hiring, inclusion, protection, and career advancement practices to provide valuable insights that help strengthen your business from the inside-out.
    • ​Company-wide trainings followed by ongoing implementation support to build true connection and full trust as your teams collaboratively create their new, inclusive work environment.
    • ​Business and diversity alignment to integrate cultural competence into your revenue-driving efforts which ensures you can sustain your cultural evolution while increasing your business’s influence, impact and income.
    • Executive group coaching to empower your core management team to lead your expansion plan long-term so they can continue to uplift and safeguard the rest of your staff as you all continue to navigate the ever-changing DEI landscape
    • ​Private, confidential coaching for you and other key company leaders, to help you make the right decisions in uncertain situations, so you can lower the risk of making the costly, cancel culture-provoking, mistakes made by those who proceed without a high level of expert support. 

    So where do you find the kind of highly-effective Cultural Expansion Plan that will fulfill your company’s commitment to racial equity and increase your bottom line without only giving you a temporary band-aid solution to diversity as a ‘problem’ so you can ensure lasting ROI and DEI?

    The short answer is: you can’t find it.

    There’s no cookie-cutter, checkbox, one-size-fits-all program that can protect and serve ALL of your employees regardless of what ‘ism’ you see in the news.

    You have to create it.
    …and you don’t have to do it alone.

    If you’re ready to get off the sidelines, permanently shift your company culture, and genuinely be a part of the solution, then let us support you, your team and your bottom line in this difficult time.
    With so much confusion and misinformation around diversity, you must start off with better training — specifically our Cultural Expansion™ Workshop.
    This is our signature DEI training like no other on the market. 

    In this highly-engaging and mind-opening workshop, we help your team reconnect virtually and create a safe space where they can begin to understand and Transcend Prejudice™ by shifting the conversation away from shame and blame towards a collective vision for a company that celebrates diversity.

    In the virtual Cultural Expansion™ Workshop, you will jump-start your Cultural Evolution™ journey by laying the foundation to help you: 
    • Get your employees on the same page around DEI to inspire deeper cohesion in your teams so they’re more excited to work together and boost your revenue-driving business practices.
    • ​Flip the script on “implicit bias” and “privilege” so your employees actually feel good about sharing their positive attributes, which means they can lift up everyone on their team instead of feeling guilty about their points of view and their lot in life, which can make them stay silent when they’re needed most.
    • Move beyond long, drawn-out conversations around diversity by weaving it into your business climate, which means conversations around the subject become smoother, more enjoyable, and less time-consuming.
    • ​Avoid the DEI pitfalls that make your employees feel uncomfortable and alienated so you can reduce turnover and keep your most talented and diverse people.
    • Lead your team with the clarity and confidence you need to navigate through this unpredictable landscape, so you can stop feeling anxious about having “difficult” conversations in the workplace.
    • ​Increase safety and trust for everyone in your company including yourself, so everyone will feel more free and creative at work, which means better ideas coming out of a happier environment.
    • ​Establish the systems you need to keep expanding your DEI progress, so you don’t repeat history and lose momentum on these issues.
    • Become more connected as a company who feels proud of their workplace and can support one another in taking the next steps to consistently be a part of the solution.
    This Cultural Expansion™ Workshop is your safe space to learn and grow. 
    In other diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings, you leave feeling guilty – with no action plan – so you’re more likely to fall back into your previous cultural conflict cycle.

    In the Cultural Expansion™ Workshop however, you’ll feel reinspired and leave not only with an action plan, but also with a diversified company vision, increased support within your teams, and clear direction on how to make a positive difference now.
    In addition to the Cultural Expansion™ Workshop, we also offer your employees access to our Cultural Evolutionaries™ Online Support Community which includes weekly safe space group calls and backstage access to our trainers so your employees can stay immersed in the conversation around DEI in your company while also connecting with other members of our community who are making strides in the movement toward a world that celebrates diversity.
    And because we believe in taking a holistic, ongoing approach to this work, we also offer two levels of private accountability coaching:
    • One level for your executive team to meet with us regularly to get the support they need to grow in the conversation so they can stay in-tune with your employees and feel safe asking for feedback as they traverse challenges that arise as your company culture evolves after the workshop.
    • And the highest level for individual executives who need the confidential space to ask the hard questions, so you can make tough and potentially sensitive culture-altering decisions with full confidence, while avoiding hidden pitfalls that could set your company back months and cost you people, time, and money
    If you’re invested in taking a fully comprehensive, holistic, and multi-tier approach to transforming your business from the inside-out, while reducing your liability and turnover in the process, here’s how to get started:
    Get Your Cultural Expansion Score
    We want to make sure we can build the right roadmap for your business together that will take you from where you are now to where you need to go in order to increase your inclusion and income — and the first step in working with us is to complete the short Cultural Expansion Assessment (CEA) on the next page.

    In 10 minutes or less you’ll have your unique CEA Score, which serves as a snapshot of where your company is on the Cultural Expansion Continuum™
    Regardless of the results you get, knowing your score will provide you with valuable insights you can use to lead the DEI transformation your business needs right now to align your values, practices, and profits so you DON'T have to choose between diversity and prosperity ever again.

    After getting your CEA Score, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule a DEI By Design Call with us where we’ll explore your confidential results with you, begin mapping out your plan and determine the #1 most important next step you need to take in order to move away from D&I 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 towards Cultural Evolution

    Until now, you’ve had every reason to quit... But the fact that you didn’t says a lot about you and your character.
    Thank you for being the kind of business leader 
    whose commitment is larger than your fears.
    You’re exactly the person we’re excited to work with. 

    Our economy and society needs strong leaders like you if we’re ever going to bounce back from this situation.   
    Now is the time for you to make the impact you know you’re capable of
    Now is the time to stop feeling like you’re part of the problem by truly standing with those who look different from you.

    Now is the time to create unity out of division so we can build a brighter future for people of all diversities.

    Start creating a safer work environment in your business, by completing the Cultural Expansion Assessment today,

    Because now is the time.
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