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DEI Strategic Group Implementation Coaching

Change Management and Implementation Consulting for Leaders and Committees to Reinforce Progress, Accountability, and Results in Your DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Initiatives

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DEI Maturity Phase:

DEI Maturity Phases - Aligning Progressing Building Scaling

DEI Strategic Group Implementation Coaching is designed to help DEI Committees and Leadership Teams build and reinforce alignment and accountability as they educate themselves and plan larger DEI initiatives.

F.E.A.R.S. Advantage DEI Implementation Coaching

Who It's For:

DEI Committees, Leadership Teams, and ERG's built around inclusivity.


Committees without the invested support of an experienced DEI leader traditionally stagnate as they spend too much time using scattered resources to figure everything out on their own. The emotional tax of coming to consensus without a facilitator present tarnishes morale and shreds trust as time passes without progress.

When Client's Bring Us In for Strategic DEI Group Implementation Coaching:

  • Leaders in the Alignment Phase have convened fellow team members around a DEI Initiative that needs step-by-step guidance to do it properly.
  • Leaders in all phases become overwhelmed by all the possible topics and initiatives to work on, they're concerned their efforts might be unfocused, and they'll lose support for the positive change they know is possible.
  • Leaders in all phases are seeking the next level of strategy and buy-in, and are unsure about how to proceed with the right blend of dialogue, planning, action, and enrollment to make meaningful progress on their efforts.

"Is your DEI Committee a leadership team with the power to influence your culture, or...

Is your DEI Committee a volunteer book club that let's you check the diversity box, but produces no results?"

- Kemy Joseph

DEI Strategic Implementation Coaching Session

Committees that Get Guidance, Accountability, and Results

We become your experienced DEI coach and mentor to give your leadership team, DEI Committee, or ERG the guidance, insights, and feedback they need to implement strategic DEI initiatives appropriately to minimize harm, increase buy-in, and roll out positive culture shifts.

Our objective is to support and empower you with the skills and perspectives you need to plan, launch, and run impactful initiatives with less uncertainty and more autonomy.

Program Focus:

  • A dedicated coach, selected for your specific role(s) and needs.
  • Progressive education, key insights, and teachable moments.
  • Facilitated discussions around strategic planning and sensitive topics.
  • Tools and templates for planning, communicating, and tracking your initiative.

Possible Outcomes - Things You’ll Get Done:

  • Align DEI goals with your organization’s strategic plan to ensure your efforts are focused and relevant, which means you’ll get more support and buy-in from the top.
  • Get leaders up-to-speed on important DEI perspectives so they can effectively champion initiatives without getting in the way.
  • Create a DEI Learning and Development Plan for your organization, so everyone can be a part of evolving your culture together.

What Committees Get

Program Overview:

  • Up to twelve (12) 60-minute group coaching sessions, to be scheduled within a 12 month period.
  • Your first session is a 90-minute Strategy Session to discuss your implementation goals and align your coaching sessions.
  • Coaching session schedules can be compressed to two sessions per month for groups that want to build momentum more quickly in the beginning.
  • Dedicated coach with hands-on DEI leadership and business experience to guide your journey. This includes access to your coach via Zoom, phone, and email throughout your engagement.


It is strongly recommended that one or more Senior or Executive Leader(s) be enrolled in Thrive Leadership Coaching (or similar education track outside F.E.A.R.S. Advantage) and be actively involved in the DEI Committee or Leadership Group receiving coaching in this program so they can become DEI mentors for the group and sponsor culture change with increased influence.

Committees without this level of internal leadership and buy-in stagnate and produce very limited results, even with the guidance of an experienced DEI coach.

Key Benefits:

  • Clearer perspective on DEI leadership and allyship
  • Growth in compassionate, courageous, and inclusive leadership
  • Drastically improved committee clarity and effectiveness
  • Enhanced team alignment, trust, and performance
  • Designing a culture where all employees work safely and thrive


Starting at $1,000/month per group

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