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THRIVE Leadership Coaching Program

12-month and 6-month options available

Transformational one-on-one coaching that gives leaders the confidential space, equitable skills, and tactical support they need to systematically thrive as leaders in their careers, so they can grow thriving teams that build thriving companies

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The brief application begins with a refundable deposit and will allow you to schedule a Coaching Program Interview Call to determine whether our program is right for your needs.

Program pricing and financial assistance detailed at the bottom of the page.

Not your standard top-down business coaching program.

What is the THRIVE Leadership Coaching Program?

DEI Maturity Phase:

DEI Maturity Phases - All Phases

Thrive Leadership Coaching spans across all DEI Maturity Phases and is critical in supporting leaders to prioritize their own well-being so they can be emotionally available to lead positive shifts in their teams.

DEI does not work without this.

DEI Thrive Leadership Coaching Program

Who It's For:

C-Suite Executives, Founders, Business Owners, Senior Leaders, Department Directors, and Committee Chairs who want to dismantle the status quo of controlling leadership in order to give themselves and their teams a legitimate, measurable, and transformational pathway to thriving.

Who It’s Not For:

Leaders for whom letting go of controlling behaviors is non-negotiable.

Leaders who say DEI is important but have no real intention of leading it themselves.

Leaders who believe certain privileges are reserved for the top of the org chart.

Leaders who feel others need to endure the same struggles they endured in order to “make it” just as they did.

Leaders who insist that vulnerability is a sign of weakness.

How many people can relate to what you go through every day so everyone around you can succeed?

The THRIVE Leadership Coaching Program helps purpose-driven leaders thrive so they can give more thriving to their teams.


The coaching approach in this program stretches you so you can learn how to “lead upward and downward” – to advance equity for yourself and those entrusted to your care.

Simply put, the Thrive Leadership Coaching Program is a good fit for you if you are committed to making the workplace better for yourself and you’re willing to gain the skills and experience needed to make it better for those you impact on a daily basis.

This is critical for leaders who feel like they’re stuck with unreasonable expectations from all sides.

Fellow leaders are asking you to win, but they don’t have your back.

Employees are asking you for inclusion, but you don’t feel belonging either.

You are asking yourself to do better, but you're already doing so much and it's never good enough.

Every interaction feels like “an emotional punch in the face”.

Things will not improve unless you lead differently.

Break through the myth that you can't thrive unless your business does.

What if you could have work-life alignment without sacrificing productivity and profit?

- Kemy Joseph

F.E.A.R.S. Advantage DEI Individual Leaders Client

The days of “do it because I said so” are over.

Leaders Must Thrive First

Even the most well-intentioned leaders who sincerely care about their teams are struggling to lead, let alone thrive in the workplace right now.

And one thing is for sure...

If you’re not thriving, your team isn’t either.

"It's like nothing I do for my team is ever enough."

In the past, productivity and paychecks were enough.

But now, business leaders at all levels are challenged to think about the emotional and psychological well-being of their teams and learn how to relate to diverse team members in ways that are sensitive, unfamiliar, and downright intense.

Compound that on top of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work, mass confusion about DEI, the importance of anti-racism, and the chronic stress everyone is bringing to work, and it’s no surprise leaders are overwhelmed – especially when they’re not experiencing the same compassion they’re now expected to give to others.

Your team is counting on you, but…

Do you have someone you can count on through this?

In the Past a Paycheck was Enough
F.E.A.R.S. Advantage DEI Consulting Meeting

Business + Life + DEI Coaching with a Path to Thriving

What is Expected of Leaders in the Program?

You’re going to thrive while navigating in the kind of discomfort that compels even the best leaders to “keep their heads down” and stay silent instead of rising to the occasion.

If you’re okay with dreading work and just making it to the end of the day, week, month, quarter, whatever… and watch as you and those you lead suffer the impact of inequity, you’re not going to do well here.

Good thing that’s not you.

You’re here because you’re a leader who is willing to examine your biases, confront your leadership habits, and own your impact while you become an integrated leader who lives and leads with equity regardless of where you show up.

You’ll learn to embrace discomfort and fully celebrate the growth necessary to positively and permanently shift team dynamics.

You’re willing to commit to three (3) private coaching sessions per month and make time for personal/professional thriving.

Your progress will carry over into all aspects of your life.

You’re not alone in your leadership challenges.

Why Clients Join the THRIVE Leadership Coaching Program:

These Are Actual Persistent Problems and Experiences Our Clients Resolve in the Program

I'm working extremely hard to keep the company afloat, provide for my employees, and it is so d@mn hard that sometimes people see me as a villain in my own company...

even though, when they attack me, I don't attack them back. They don't have empathy for me as a leader and what I go through for them. I have to be a whole different person, but my team doesn't need to change? I have to be more inclusive, but they don't? They don't see how unfair it is to ask me for that without understanding my experience or showing a willingness to change as well.”

Every time I have a meeting with my team, I feel like I’m getting emotionally punched in the face.

I’m split between dealing with the emotional stress of other leaders and keeping the company afloat when I should be spending 90% of my time thinking about how to win and only 10% on damage control.”

“My team doesn’t know what to do and they keep asking me for clarity, even after I’ve already given them the clarity they need.

When they send me their work for review, it’s at MAYBE 40% complete. What am I paying them for? I could just do it myself, and that’s what usually ends up happening.”

“I don’t have a private space to discuss sensitive issues with a trusted expert, and there’s no way I’m going to practice vulnerability with my partners with the way things are.

If I share this, people are going to think I'm weak and that I can't handle this. If I'm raw about it, people will think I hate them or I'm unwilling to look at my own stuff.

That's why I need a support system.

If I'm not feeling included in my own company, how am I going to give people inclusion?“

“Who is taking care of me as a leader?

I don't have what it takes to do this [referring to DEI], and no one else gets it. I just have eyes and ears telling me that I'm doing it wrong, and I feel critiqued all the time. I need guidance so I can confidently do this without getting it wrong.”

“I have this dreadful sense of not belonging in my own company – of not belonging with my team.

If they [my team] look at my salary now, I’ll get ‘othered’ instantly. They don't know what I had to do to get here.”

“My employees keep asking for more transparency. We’ve done that, but the requests don’t stop.

There’s a big misunderstanding of what it takes to make these kinds of changes.”

“My team says they don’t feel included, but I need to balance making sure everyone’s voice is heard with getting sh*t done.”

“We worked really hard to make improvements based on past DEI assessment data, so when we learned that our new data was worse, I felt demoralized.”

“I’ve been trying to hire more people who look like me [referring to female candidates] but I’m not getting the support I need to do that. My team doesn't feel it's as much of a priority.”

“Every time an employee tells me we have to hire more people who don’t look like me [referring to being a white male]...

I get defensive because they’re telling me I don’t deserve to be here and when I bring it up they call it white supremacy.”

“I keep asking myself, am I truly safe in this executive space? I’m the only minority [referring to being a black woman] on my executive team and I am tired of being the only one bringing up issues in our meetings.

My colleagues will text me messages of support, saying, “Thank you for bringing that up,” but text message allyship is not helpful. How do I get more people to speak up in solidarity when it really counts?”

- Actual Results -

Breakthroughs Clients Get in the THRIVE Leadership Coaching Program:

👍 Disclaimer: These are not guaranteed results. These breakthroughs require clients to use their courage and do the work. Every leader’s experience is different, and we share these wins to demonstrate what’s possible.

"I went from working 50 hour weeks and resenting my team to working 30 hour weeks with the flexibility I need to breathe and the trust to authentically lead."

“I finally have a place where I can talk to my peers about what I’m going through as a leader.

Having a safe space to process what I experience has lifted a weight off my shoulders and I can engage with my team without getting so defensive. More people have asked how they can support me, and we’re getting more done together now.”

“I learned that I can be vulnerable and that can be a sign of strength.

I think I knew that before, but I was too afraid to let myself go there with people at work. I found out that I’m not the only one with problems. I knew that too, but now I really get that other people are going through stuff too. When I take a few moments and just listen, my rapport with my team improves and we have a space to just resolve issues without being on edge.”

“Since we had the feedback training, ​​I’ve been able to show up to work and say, ‘I don't feel like I belong in my own company anymore,’ and my team could have a conversation about ways they've been ‘othering’ me. I was surprised by how much empathy they have toward me as a leader. I never saw it before.”

“I’m now able to share with my team that I need context when I make decisions, and that I need to be able to ask questions and have answers repeated – often more than once – before I can make a decision. That’s just how I am, and they’re okay with it.”

“I can now say yes to opportunities that I believe will help grow the company.

Instead of receiving ‘no’ or dissenting pushback, I'm being asked to talk about how we can get this done.”

“My co-lead was not prioritizing a project that was really important for making a big shift in the organization. I was ready to give them an ultimatum – ‘do it or don't’. Once we talked about alignment, we were able to co-vision and have co-leading meetings about our projects to make sure we had alignment. I realized that by the time I'm fed up, I automatically start thinking in ultimatums instead of inviting alignment to get things done. That’s a habit I’m going to change for good.”

The Basis of Human Potential

What Does it Mean to Thrive?

At the heart of Thrive Leadership is the centering of leadership consciousness around the belief that:

Businesses are built to succeed and people are born to thrive.

This is a paradigm shift from controlling leadership where businesses succeed at the cost of people’s livelihoods.

Thriving is the basis of human potential and optimal performance.

When leaders thrive, they have an abundance of energy to unleash positive business and social outcomes with greater focus and flow.

Thrive Leadership habits infect a thriving work culture that attracts, develops, and retains people at their best.

Thriving is not only about getting a strong return on investment; it redefines how people work, grow, and succeed.

DEI Thrive Leadership Coaching Climb Together
Career Equity Pathway Square Frame

Thriving is an Outcome of DEI

What Would 100% Thriving Look Like for You?

Thrive Leadership is a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) journey.

In summary: Equity is fairness, and fairness is a pathway for people to prosper right where they are.

That includes you!

Career Equity is the pathway toward thriving where company leaders have the most influence.

Leading Career Equity cannot be outsourced or delegated.

Within Career Equity, leaders can increase thriving along a spectrum of experience ranging from:

  • Awareness to Safety
  • Belonging to Advancement
  • and Autonomy to Legacy
Updated Thrive Leadership Assessment Progress GIF (540 × 540 px)

"How do you know I'm leaving a legacy of helping instead of harming?"

Thriving Leaders Build Thriving Teams...

...as long as they practice equity.

Your journey in the Thrive Leadership Coaching Program will give you first-hand experience of what it’s like to increase your levels of thriving in each of the ten (10) Thrive Areas along the Career Equity Pathway, regardless of your leadership position.

What would a 50%, 30%, or even a 10% increase in thriving mean for you?

As you make shifts in your paradigm and leadership habits, you’ll notice measurable improvements in your own experience of thriving, which we’ll help you intentionally carry over to your team members.

Program Focus:

  • Thrive Leadership: prioritizing your leadership development with a Career Equity focus and DEI lens so you can be your best as you lead your diversifying teams.
  • Shift from putting out "fires" to modeling equitable leadership habits that help you and your teams flourish.

Skills Practiced:

  • Identity awareness
  • Self-reflection
  • Boundary-setting
  • Identifying bias
  • Owning impact
  • Restorative communication
  • Active listening
  • Consent and invitational language
  • Strength-based feedback
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Courage, vulnerability, and de-armoring

What Leaders Get

Program Overview:

  • Minimum 6- or 12-month commitment, with the option to continue for several years.
  • Up to three (3) confidential 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month.
  • Bi-annual Thrive Leadership Assessments to track, measure, and reflect on progress.
  • Dedicated coach with hands-on DEI, leadership, management, and business experience to guide your journey and be your integrity partner.

Coaching sessions are customized to leaders’ unique positions and concerns so they can problem-solve and build their capacity as thriving leaders who positively contribute to the thriving of their teams.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased autonomy, career advancement and development, and belonging in your workplace
  • Growth in compassionate, courageous, and inclusive leadership
  • Improved well-being and life balance
  • Enhanced team alignment, trust, and performance
  • Clearer perspective on DEI leadership and allyship


Starting at $2,000/month per individual.

Monthly payment options available. We're now offering a limited number of reduced-rate scholarships to leaders experiencing temporary financial hardship. Inquire on your interview call, judgement-free.

Ready to Get Started?

Apply to Join the Coaching Program

Complete Your Thrive Leadership Coaching Program Application to Get Started

The brief application begins with a refundable deposit and will allow you to schedule a Coaching Program Interview Call to determine whether our program is right for your needs.

When you become a client, you’ll work on your challenges and goals, one-on-one, with a dedicated Thrive Leadership Coach, and can begin when you’re ready.

Apply for the Coaching Program

What Happens After I Apply?

Coaching Program Interview Call

Once you submit your application, you’ll be directed to schedule a Coaching Program Interview Call with a member of our team.

Coaching Program Acceptance

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted as a future Thrive Leadership Coaching Client. You’ll then make your first payment to get started.

First Coaching Session

Once you're in, you’ll be matched with a coach who is best suited to your needs. Your coach will contact you to schedule your first 45-minute coaching session where you’ll get to know each other and begin working on your Thrive Leadership Roadmap.

Frequently Asked Questions


Companies who intend to register with a minimum of four (4) leaders will get a monthly 45-minute Executive Roundtable included in their coaching program agreement to establish further alignment with fellow leaders as they progress through the program.

To begin registration, use the Group Registration link and pay the deposit for your initial group consultation where we’ll review your leadership team’s assessment scores, get to know one another, and establish a collective direction the group can work toward while also working on their individual goals with their personal coaches.

Each leader will still be required to complete the Thrive Leadership Assessment before the initial group consultation, and each leader will be required to complete the individual program application prior to their first individual coaching session. The individual interview will not be required.

When you are accepted into the program, our promise is to help you intentionally elevate your results (and thriving) by co-creating a custom Thrive Leadership Roadmap.

Then, we coach you through developing the micro-progressions that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be while avoiding the not-so-common DEI pitfalls, limiting beliefs, and resistances that are currently preventing you from flourishing.

The Foundation for Equitable Leadership Development

During your first month with your coach, you’ll delve deeper into your Thrive Leadership Assessment Results as well as your leadership goals and challenges to create a hyper-focused plan to increase thriving in your career-life experience.

Your Thrive Leadership Roadmap will become a living document that you and your coach evolve together as you grow and meet your goals.

Clients may select monthly payment options for both 6-month and 12-month commitments. We intentionally keep our pricing structure simple.

After your Coaching Program Interview Call, you’ll be able to make your payment(s) according to the plan of your choosing.

Monthly payments: You’ll be directed to a payment page where you’ll enter your payment information and submit your first payment. Doing so will authorize us to automatically debit your monthly payment amount from the payment method you used to make your first payment. Payments will be deducted monthly from the date you initially made your payment.

We absolutely don’t want to keep anyone in a program that isn’t going to work for them. That’s not fair to anybody involved.

While your first month is non-refundable, we have a 30-day cancellation window where you have the opportunity to break your contract without any cancellation fees.

If you paid in full and choose to cancel within the 30-day window, you will receive a refund minus the first month’s equivalent value and transaction fees.

Once you’re enrolled in the program beyond 30 days, you’re officially committed to increasing thriving in your leadership and your life.

If you break your contract after that point, you will still be responsible for the full balance of your commitment.

Your coach matching process will begin once we receive your first payment, and they’ll plan to reach out to you to schedule your first session once you’ve completed all of the initial steps.

We will match you with the right coach based on a combination of your challenges and goals as well as your coach’s strengths and experience.

All of our coaches are trusted team members with a breadth of organizational leadership experience – many of whom currently run their own businesses or coaching practices outside of F.E.A.R.S. Advantage.

Yes. Kemy is currently accepting new coaching clients.

Yes you may. If after your first month in the program, you don’t feel like you jive with your current coach, you’re welcome to contact our Program Team, and we’ll make arrangements to match you with a new coach. 

Keep in mind that not liking your coach is not a valid reason to drop your program commitment.



F.E.A.R.S. Advantage™ is not acting as mental health counseling or medical professionals.

Our services are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions.

Our coaches are trauma-informed, but are not trauma specialists and will kindly refer clients out to other resources, if they fall outside their scope of practice.