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Thrive Leadership

10 Non-Negotiable Equities Every Leader Needs to Thrive in Their Career

🕒 Watch Time: 48 Minutes

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Trainer: Kemy Joseph, MS, EdS - Co-Founder of F.E.A.R.S. Advantage™

Key Decisions

  • Whether you as a leader are ready to remove the one thing that is preventing you from thriving in your role. Hint: This one thing is also making you the bottleneck to thriving for your teams.
  • How measuring your experience in the 10 Non-Negotiable Equities will determine your pathway toward increasing Autonomy, Belonging, and Advancement for yourself (and for your team), even if you’re already at the top of your org chart.
  • Learn how leaders are going from “I’m done with this” to “Work is fun again!” by applying an Essential 5-Part Framework that gives them more time, contributes to record revenues, and restores meaningful relationships in the workplace.

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