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Executive Leadership Coach | DEI Strategist | Keynote Speaker

Kemy Joseph MS, EdS

Make Your Next Virtual Event About Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion A Transformational Experience That Allows Your Audience To Connect, Reflect, And Progress Together... Even On Zoom!

“Kemy is a highly engaging speaker who leads with empathy and understanding. He makes these topics feel accessible and safe. He is also a genius with Zoom!”

Lindsey Kampmeier : Audience Member

Fees listed at the bottom of this page.

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Companies, Conferences, and Associations

Hire Kemy Joseph to Inspire Your Audience and Create a Transformational Virtual DEI Speaking Experience

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Keynotes for Conferences, Corporate, and Associations

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Interviews for Television, Vlogs, and Podcasts

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Emcee & Moderation for Events, Seminars, and Panel Discussions

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Speaking Topics Include:

THRIVE Leadership:

10 Must-Haves for DEI Success, especially when you're at the top of your Org Chart

THRIVING Teams: Creating a Culture of Equity

Create an Unshakeable Culture of Trust and Prosperity for Your Growing Company, Regardless of What Happens in the World

We always custom-tailor our speaking topics to meet the needs of your company/audience.

What Event Planners and Audience Members are Saying

“Kemy is amazing at bringing people in, making them feel seen in the room, and keeping people engaged all the way though."

Lisa Sulenes : Head of Operations at AtlasQ

“Kemy is a positive and engaging speaker that does a great job at being fun and inclusive when discussing a very difficult subject matter.”

Tristan : Audience Member

“Kemy creates a safe space for you to share, a safe space for you to ask questions that you probably normally wouldn’t ask, and a safe space to move forward inside of this conversation.”

Lamarr Womble : Motivational Speaker

Kemy has shifted my view on what it means to be an inclusive and equitable organization. We have to stop treating diversity like an afterthought.”

Nanea Reeves : CEO, Co-Founder at TRIPP, Inc.

“This is one of the best workshops I’ve taken, and I’ve taken thousands of them! These core conversations are extremely important to have.“

Tara M. : Workshop Participant

More Praise from Event Planners

"I was struggling with how to be engaged in the conversation around implicit bias, prejudice, and privilege in a way that would support positive movement forward for people in our organization.

The F.E.A.R.S. Advantage team walks you through it openly, respectfully, and with gentleness so the conversation becomes accessible and relevant for your organization."

Julie Christenson
Event Planner, White Bird Clinic

"After the event, I had folks in my community want to speak to me intimately about what they learned in the session and what came up afterwards. People in my team spoke up about things we had never talked about. This event meant deeper human connection for us, our clients, and all of our community members.

This is not just a one-time, exciting, feel-good event. This is an exploration you’ll want to continue."

Noel Pacarro Brown
Event Planner, Morgan Stanley

"This conversation that Kemy facilitated really did get people in our community to think about a topic – prejudice – that they’ve thought about before, in a different way.

He made it feel actionable within the work we’re doing as investors, and that was extremely powerful for opening up future conversations in our network and getting people excited about having more conversations in the future."

Lisa Sulenes
Event Planner, Head of Operations at AtlasQ

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Keynote Speaking Fees

Virtual Keynote Fee: Starts at $5,000 for interactive experiences up to 90-minutes.

50% deposit required to secure your event date.

Fees are the same for in-person experiences plus our rates for travel, accommodations, and per diem.

Kemy Joseph DEI Keynote Service - Speaking at Traffic and Conversion Summit

Hire Kemy Joseph to Inspire Your Audience and Create a Transformational Virtual DEI Speaking Experience

What Happens After I Book a Call?

We'll connect via phone or Zoom

Our team will review your speaker request and we'll discuss the details of your event, including how we'll make sure your company or audience gets the interactive experience and takeaways you're looking for.

We'll confirm your date(s) with your deposit

We'll then send you our speaking agreement to sign. We require the full keynote fee paid within twenty (20) business days before your event date.

Show Time!

Get ready for a truly engaging interactive learning experience! We show up 15 minutes prior to the start time.

After the event, we'll connect with you and your leadership team during our pre-scheduled debrief session within seven (7) days to share insights, feedback, and potential next steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions


We typically host the virtual sessions on Zoom, and will send you a replay within two (2) business days of the event, which will be available for viewing for thirty (30) days once received.


We understand that many companies use different communication platforms for different reasons. We're set up to create amazing experiences on Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting as well.


We typically require a 50% deposit to secure your date(s); however many clients find it easier to book us in a single transaction. We can discuss what works best for you on our event planning call.

Please keep in mind that all fees paid to us for events are non-refundable.

This is taken directly from our Speaking Agreement:


In the event that either Party wishes to modify this Agreement, with respect to the Speaking Start Time, or Back-Up Date (a “Change”), the Parties agree to give at least 20 days’ notice.  The Change will be effective only upon written approval of the non-requesting party. 


The following policy applies to any Change if requested by Host:


If Host makes a Change less than 20 business days, but more than 10 business days, before the training date, Host must pay a Change Fee of 50% of the total Fee.


If Host makes a Change within (and including) 10 business days of the Virtual Event date, Host must pay a Change Fee of 80% of the total Fee.


Cancellation by Host for Cause

The Host may terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) calendar days’ written notice to the Speaker, if the Speaker materially breaches this Agreement, and fails to cure such breach within ten (10) calendar days after receipt of written notice of such breach.  


Cancellation by Host Without Cause

If Host desires to cancel the Virtual Event for any reason other than material breach by Speaker, Host must submit a request to the Speaker in writing no later than 20 days prior to the Date of the Virtual Event.  The agreement will be terminated only upon written approval by Host. In the event of approval, Host agrees that it will forfeit any and all Deposits remitted to Speaker. Host agrees that it will forfeit any and all Deposits remitted to Speaker in the event of cancellation under this provision.


Grounds for Immediate Termination

This Agreement may be immediately terminated in the event of (i) the Host’s breach of the terms of this Agreement; (ii) Host’s default on payment terms; (iii) Demeaning, Abusive (verbally or physically), or Aggressive behavior of Host, its employees, or affiliates, towards Speaker, its employees, or affiliates; (iv) threats of Harm made by Host, its employees, or affiliates against Host, its employees, or affiliates; (v) the death of Speaker; (vi) the inability of Speaker to perform the services because of a sudden and medically documented physical or mental disability; or (vii) the filing of any petition by or against Host or Speaker under federal or state bankruptcy or insolvency laws. Host agrees that it will forfeit any and all Deposits remitted to Speaker in the event of cancellation under this provision.

Yes, we can.

The topics listed on this page are the most current versions of the work we do.

We have a lineup of professional speakers who also speak directly to topics such as racial equity, gender equity, LGBTQIA+ issues, womens' empowerment, and more.

We are often brought in for occasions such as Black History Month, MLK Day, Women's History Month, Trans Day of Remembrance, Pride Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, and more.

You can tell us more about what you're looking for on our event planning call.

Depending on your audience availability and the format of the occasion, keynotes often run between 45 minutes to one hour with the option of 15 to 30 minutes of interactive Q&A or a group activity.

We cap all experiences at 90 minutes.

For longer sessions, we recommend bringing us in for an Action Class (half-day or full-day), which allows for confidential practice time for participants to learn and reinforce specific skills.

Depending on the topic and your objectives, we use a combination of survey data specific to your company (which we can gather in advance), music, breakout rooms, Jamboards, dance sessions (yes, really), and Q&A.

Yes, if we host the Zoom session.

We have team members who monitor the chat and take care of the recording post-production so you don't have to.

If your company must host the virtual session, we'll request that a member of your team fulfill these responsibilities.

All of our keynote fees are the same with the exception of additional travel and accommodation costs as well as per diem costs, which are invoiced at our standard rates upon signing and prior to our booking the arrangements.

When we schedule your event date, we also pre-schedule a debrief session within seven (7) business days of the event to share insights and feedback from your audience.

During the debrief, we'll be able to tell you about common concerns or themes that showed up in the post-assessment we run at the end of the event.

This will be helpful for you and your leadership team, as we can help you identify potential gaps in your company culture and next steps to create more internal alignment.


F.E.A.R.S. Advantage™ is not acting as mental health counseling or medical professionals.

Our services are not offered as a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions.

Our coaches are trauma-informed, but are not trauma specialists and will kindly refer clients out to other resources, if they fall outside their scope of practice.